It is unfortunate that the signs of a leaky toilet usually only show themselves when the leak has gotten bad. This means that as soon as you notice that you have a leak, you should fix your toilet as possible.

The main signs of a leaking toilet may include a damp area on the floor around the bottom of the toilet, a spongy feeling in the floor at the bottom of the toilet seat, signs of dampness on the ceiling in the room underneath your toilet, or the occasional smell of sewer gas and the flooring coming up in the area around the toilet.

If your toilet is causing a wet floor, you could end up with rotted floor boards, damage to the ceiling below, and other structural damage, which could end up being disruptive and expensive to repair.

What Causes a Leaky Toilet?

There are a number of different reasons for a leaking toilet. The most common are where bolts have become loose, the misalignment of pipes and valves, or the wax ring not sealing properly. You should be able to tell by sight where there is water leaking. In some instances, tightening the bolts or resealing a seal is enough to fix the problem.

It is also worth looking for any cracks in the tank or toilet bowl where water may be seeping out. If you are having trouble finding the place where the leak is coming from, add a little colouring to the water in the tank. You will then be able to see where the water is coming from.

Fixing a Toilet Leak

If your toilet is leaking from the water supply, the water supply line may need repairing. This is a common and inexpensive repair for your plumber to make.

If the toilet rocks when you sit on it, your plumber may need to replace the wax seal. To do this, they will disconnect the toilet by turning off the water supply and unscrewing the bolts. From there they will have access to the wax seal where it can be replaced, and then the toilet will be reconnected.

If the toilet is cracked, your plumber will most likely replace the whole toilet. Cracks can be repaired, however until a plumber sees them, they will not be able to advise on what the best course of action is.

There are a number of reasons why your toilet can leak beyond what we’ve listed here. Our Hamilton plumbers at Wentworth Plumbing have years of experience in installing and repairing toilets. Should you be in need of a plumber in the Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster or Dundas area, contact us today!

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