When the toilets in your home are malfunctioning or not working as effectively as they should, it can be a real pain. Dealing with leaks, clogs, or a toilet that won’t flush isn’t something any Hamilton homeowner wants to deal with. In some cases, you may be able to address the issue yourself, but when you aren’t, the professional plumbers from Wentworth Plumbing are here to help.

Toilet repair in Hamilton

Toilets are a critical part of your home’s plumbing. As a fixture that gets used every day, multiple times per day, you want to make sure that it is operating properly. Toilets can experience a host of issues ranging from leaks to clogs to cracks. They may run constantly, not flush properly, or the bowl may not fill completely.

These issues are not only annoying, but they can be quite embarrassing if you have guests over. And some issues like leaks or a constantly running toilet can lead to costly utility bills.

At Wentworth Plumbing, we offer toilet repair throughout Hamilton and the surrounding area.

Toilet replacement/installation in Hamilton

If the time has come for you to replace an old toilet in your Hamilton home, Wentworth Plumbing can help you with that too. Whether you have recently purchased a toilet that needs to be installed or would like to purchase one through us, we are here to offer quick and efficient installation services.

If purchasing your toilet through us, we can offer a range of options, including low-flow toilets, dual flush, taller seats, etc. Talk to us today about finding the right toilet to meet the needs of you and your family.

Why work with Wentworth Plumbing?

At Wentworth Plumbing, we are proud to offer superior workmanship and customer service throughout Hamilton and the surrounding area. Our experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose and repair plumbing issues – and do so at a competitive price.

As a full-service plumbing company, we can provide services for a host of plumbing issues, from standard maintenance to emergency service.

Contact us today

If you are experiencing issues with the toilets in your Hamilton home, or you suspect that you might need toilet repair or replacement, contact us today to have one of our plumbers visit your home for a full assessment.

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Excellent plumbing company! Patrick and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. The price was very fair and the turn around time was quick. I would highly recommend them and definitely use them again.”
We have used Patrick and Wentworth Plumbing for several years, for everything from helpful information to fixing badly installed drains to impossibly plugged toilets. As owners of rental properties, it’s important that we have reliable tradespeople who are quick, efficient, friendly, and responsive – Wentworth is definitely all of those things.
Great service as always from this great company! Fast response even for non-urgent problem. We recommend this company to others all the time. Dan was polite and efficient with minimal disruption to our staff and patients! Thanks again!

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