As a homeowner, you want to ensure that every space in your home is designed and installed well. When you are planning a home improvement project, you may consider a bathroom upgrade. Depending on the type of plumbing job you want done, there can be a variation in complexity and expense.

For instance, if you just want a simple upgrade and are working on a tight budget, you can consider replacing the fixtures and fittings. On the other hand, a complete bathroom remodel is a more complex project that will involve a higher cost and will take longer to complete.

Regardless of the type of plumbing renovation services you need, you would have to look for an expert plumbing company like us at Wentworth Plumbing. With years of experience behind us, we are one of the most sought-after companies in this field and can handle all types of plumbing projects such as:

Plumbing Renovation Services in Hamilton Ontario

These services can include anything ranging from replacing fixtures such as faucets and shower heads to a complete overhaul of all the plumbing fittings in your bathroom or even a bathtub and shower stall installation. While we are highly focused on providing you value for money, we are also very creative in our approach; our experts have deep knowledge about the different plumbing fixture trends and will provide advice on the type of fittings that will best suit your requirements.

Let’s not forget the Kitchen Renovation or Laundry Renovations either.  Wentworth Plumbing can move your kitchen sink or install proper kitchen drainage to whatever area you wish.  We can also install a dishwasher for your new kitchen, or bring a waterline up to your refrigerator if it features an icemaker.  For laundry room renovations, we can move your laundry room to any floor you desire, along with installing a washing machine and the necessary drainage.

Bathroom Rough-in Services

These services include installation of plumbing elements in the wall cavities, prior to lining the bathroom walls with plasterboard. Our technicians will first cut holes in specific areas in the wall studs; the drainage and plumbing pipes will run through these holes. Bathroom rough-in services are the final step of connecting features such as a sink, toilet or bathtub. Once this work has been completed, the walls will then be finished as required.

Complete Bathroom Remodels

We can also handle start-to-end bathroom remodel projects. This is a complex job and we have the expertise to manage the entire project to perfection; it includes conceptualization and design and detailed discussions with the client. The job can include complete pipe and fixture replacement, wall and floor tiling, shower stall and tub installation, ventilation and lighting, sink and bathroom vanity fitting, painting and more.

In short, we are the experts that can handle it all. You only have to tell us what your ideas and requirements are, and we will ensure the solutions we provide are right in line with your needs. The best quality materials will be used in the work and we deploy expert plumbers and other tradespeople for the job, and provide guarantees for our work.

This means you can rest assured we will do the work right the first time around. While we never compromise on quality, you will find that we maintain very cost-effective pricing which provides you value for money. Call Wentworth Plumbing and speak with our friendly staff today about whatever kind of plumbing renovation services your home requires.  We serve the Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington and Dundas area.

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