Avoiding warranty nightmares on residential custom homes starts with hiring a team of reputable contractors. Otherwise, costly delays, poor quality workmanship and unnecessary stress (for both builders and homebuyers) can pile up.

The best way to build new construction projects with minimal headaches? Choose a reputable, trustworthy team of contractors with years of experience.

Here’s how to hire the best plumbing contractor for your new construction projects in the Hamilton area.


The Interprovincial Red Seal Program sets the national standard for plumbers across Canada. A plumbing contractor who is red seal certified has apprenticed for years before passing qualifying exams.

If certification information is not available on a plumbing contractor’s website, be sure to ask.

It’s also worth investigating whether there are any formal complaints about the company and if the contractors are fully insured.


With the help of Google, it doesn’t take long to learn about the experience others have had with a certain plumbing contractor. If a company has more positive reviews than negative, take it as a good sign of a quality plumbing contractor.

Even if there are a couple of terrible reviews (completely normal – especially if the company has been around for years), check out how the company responded to that comment. Were they professional and courteous? Did they offer a solution to the customer’s problem?

A lot can be said about the number of years a plumbing contractor has been in business. Consider contacting other homebuilders who have worked with them in the past to learn about their personal experience.

Customer Service

Trust and confidence are vital throughout the building process. You’ll want your concerns as a homebuilder to be heard; a quality plumbing contractor should be willing to listen to them.

Building new residential construction can take months. Choosing someone who is friendly, professional and dedicated to work with can make the relationship much easier.

Timeliness is also important. Does the plumbing contractor have a history of getting work done by the agreed-upon time? If they don’t, it won’t take long for you and your homebuyers to get frustrated.


As a homebuyer purchasing a new home, only the best workmanship is expected – along with a warranty on that work.

A great plumbing contractor offers a comprehensive guarantee on the work they perform. This shows that they are professionals who are willing to stand behind their work and handle any potential future issues.

New Construction Projects in Hamilton

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