A backwater valve prevents sewer backflow from coming back into the plumbing of your restaurant, apartment complex, business or office. Typically, this sewage water will happen when the sewers are overburden by heavy rainfall or a period of massive snowmelt. As the sewer water can no longer drain into the sewage system, it has nowhere to go but up through your floor drains and pipes. This can lead to raw sewage getting on your floors, walls, countertops and furniture, which is incredibly unpleasant.

In recent years, Hamilton and Burlington have seen a record amount of flooding, particularly near Lake Ontario, which often puts these areas at risk of an overflowing sewage line.

Backwater Valve Installation

stainless steel sinkThe last thing you want for your restaurant is to have sewage water come up your kitchen floor drains and contaminate your food, dishes and drinking water. Nor do you want raw sewage coming up into a tenant’s bathroom if you are a landlord owner. The cleanup costs associated with the sewer backflow in each scenario are expensive as the water that comes up may be dirty and full of bacteria, debris, viruses and parasites. This requires a lot of heavy-duty cleaning and a lot of waste as you’ll have to throw out carpeting, furniture, food, and equipment that might be impossible to sanitize.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to prevent the disastrous backflow of sewage water into your business, and that solution is installing a backwater valve. With a backflow valve, you get an instant backflow prevention solution. Because water can only flow in one direction with a backwater valve, it’s impossible for water to flow back up your drains and pipes.

Backflow Valve Replacement

With proper maintenance, a backwater valve should last between 5 to 10 years. However, if you’ve recently bought your office building, restaurant space or business, you might not be aware if the current valve has been maintained or even exists.

Hamilton and Burlington are full of older buildings that may have never had a backwater valve installed. Furthermore, debris can get caught in a backwater valve, keeping the valve open and preventing it from doing its job. Thus, backflow valves should be inspected from time to time to ensure that they are working properly.

If you are concerned about the risks of sewage water coming up through your pipes and into your business, contact Wentworth Plumbing today. We will inspect your backwater valve and can install a new backwater valve if necessary.