The Importance of a Water Filtration System for your Business

Do you own a restaurant, office building, dental/medical clinic or any other business that uses water? If the answer is yes, it is important to be aware of the quality of your water. A good way to ensure this is by installing a commercial-grade filtration system in your building. Keep reading for more information on how these systems can benefit your business.

Water Filtration Systems for Restaurants

At many restaurants, water is used for various tasks, from serving customers drinking water, washing dishes and as an ingredient in meals. While tap water in Hamilton is safe to drink, you still might experience funky tasting water or sediment, minerals, hard water, and unwanted debris in your pipes.

One way to avoid this is by installing commercial-grade filtration systems that will filter out unpleasant aromas and sediment from your water. After all, if your customers feel your drinking water tastes’ swampy’, they might associate your restaurant with being unsanitary.

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In addition, using filtered water instead of tap water has several advantages for restaurant owners as well:

  • Improved taste – Drinking water should never taste like sulphur, minerals, chlorine or rust, but unfortunately, living in Hamilton, it sometimes does. With a water filtration system, all unpleasant flavours are filtered out
  • Ice machines, coffee makers and soda pop systems that use syrup boxes also use the main water lines to do their job. By filtering the water through a commercial water filtration system, you’ll have clean tasting ice, excellent coffee and fresh-tasting pop every time.
  • Improved looks – water that is filtered won’t have the tendency to stain glassware, silverware and dishes
  • Reduced maintenance costs – filters for this type of system cost significantly less than bottled water. Also, the need to replace your stock of bottled water is expensive over time, and a water filtration system can lead to reduced operating costs.

Even if your drinking water tastes clean, your water may contain minerals like iron, rust and calcium. Over time, these minerals can clog up restaurant appliances like dishwashers, kettles and coffee machines. Filtering out these minerals before they can clog up your machinery will save you money on repair bills./

Water Filtration Systems for Laboratories and Medical Clinics

Filtered water is essential in clinics and laboratories that require clean water. Minerals can contaminate samples and also damage sensitive equipment. Calcium and lime buildup in your water lines may also prevent your equipment from working at its full potential.

Clean tasting water is also essential for dental clinics as you want your clients to leave with fresh-tasting breath, not with an unpleasant taste in their mouth.

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Water Filtration Systems for Schools, Hospitals, Office Buildings & Apartment Buildings

Fresh tasting drinking water is important for both employees and residents of schools, hospitals, office buildings and apartment buildings. While we can get around this by carrying around bottled water, this solution is not good for our environment. The cost of buying bottled water is also expensive over time.

Commercial water filtration systems also reduce the operating costs for your building’s water heaters. Over time, water heaters can develop scale, which makes the water heater inefficient over time. Using clean, mineral-free water ensures your water heater is working at its highest efficiency.

Clean water is also essential showers and laundry machines found in hospitals, apartment complexes and school campuses. Nobody wants laundry that smells dirty, nor do they want to shower in funky-smelling water.

Install a Water Filtration System For Your Business Today

Wentworth Plumbing in Hamilton, Ontario, is available to install a water filtration system for your business. If your water currently has sediment, minerals, scale, or unpleasant tastes, give us a call today. We serve Hamilton and the surrounding areas such as Burlington, Milton and Oakville.