If your plant in the Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, or Oakville area requires industrial water treatment, you can count on the plumbing professionals at Wentworth Plumbing.

Industrial water treatment customized to meet your needs

Industrial water treatment is a science and must be customized for your specific industrial water operation. When you work with Wentworth Plumbing, we will customize solutions for each step of the process, from the intake of raw water to wastewater disposal.

We offer chemical treatment programs that are applied and monitored with the utmost care so that adjustments can be made when needed.

Industrial Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

At Wentworth Plumbing, we will take the time to understand your exact requirements before recommending a treatment program for your industrial cooling towers. Our water treatment programs can help you to effectively reduce and prevent major issues such as corrosion, scale/deposition and microbial growth.

Through effective industrial water treatment, you can protect your cooling towers from corrosion and contaminants that can interfere with their efficiency.

Industrial Water Treatment for Boilers

Our industrial plumbers offer the highest level of water treatment for industrial boilers. We work with a full range of boiler chemicals that help you prevent scale and corrosion in your boiler system.

When scale and corrosion build up in industrial boiler systems, the result can be increased metal temperatures, leading to restricted circulation and tube failures.

Wentworth Plumbing’s industrial water treatment for boilers is designed to take care of issues such as corrosion and scale/deposition. We also offer an all-in-one treatment as well as fireside treatment.

Pretreatment Services and Solutions

Through pretreatment, we can help you optimize the performance of filter and membrane operations. Our industrial plumbers are experienced in pretreating filtration systems and can offer solutions that help optimize these systems and reduce your overall cost.

Pretreatment programs may include technologies such as water softeners, filter treatment, and reverse osmosis, depending on your specific needs.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We offer chemical programs to treat raw and wastewater for industrial settings. Programs are custom designed to suit the needs of your operation and to ensure they comply with environmental and regulatory requirements.

Industrial wastewater treatment programs include both solid-liquid separation as well as coagulation and flocculation.

Why choose Wentworth Plumbing?

When it comes to selecting a plumbing company for your industrial water treatment, having experience and expertise on your side is critical. At Wentworth Plumbing, we have years of experience in the industry and know how to customize an industrial water treatment to meet the exact needs of your operation.

Contact us today for industrial water treatment services in Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville.