Many commercial properties such as apartment buildings, factories, offices and restaurants use boiler systems to heat the building. A boiler heats your home by creating hot water and circulating it through radiators in your home. The result is quite energy-efficient and low maintenance, but you should have your boiler inspected at least once a year to avoid problems.

Trust Wentworth Plumbing to repair and maintain your boiler system, and keep your renters or employees warm during the winter.

Boiler Inspection

Another reason to keep your boiler in working condition is that you don’t want your water pipes to freeze. A boiler that breaks down in the evening or weekend when everyone is out of the building has the potential to cause flooding from frozen pipes which can cause major damage. Having Wentworth Plumbing perform a regular maintenance schedule will help prevent costly repairs before they happen.

Boiler Repair in Hamilton Ontario

boiler roomIs your boiler making peculiar noises like bangs or sludge sounds? Or perhaps your building feels too cold no matter how high you adjust the thermostat. Wentworth Plumbing in Hamilton, Ontario, is here to troubleshoot and fix your boiler.

Common Boiler issues include:

  • Boiler pressure dropping too low – affecting the heating system performance.
  • The pilot light switches off.
  • Unusual noises emitted from the boiler system, such as clangs or sludge noises.
  • Water freezing in your pipes.
  • Low water pressure or blocked valves causing the boiler to switch on and off abruptly.

If you are in need of a Boiler Repair, call Wentworth Plumbing today. Wentworth Plumbing is your local Hamilton Ontario plumber serving the surrounding areas, including Ancaster, Burlington, Brantford, Dundas and Oakville.

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From frozen pipes to low water pressure, we can get your boiler up and running immediately so you can get back to running your business like usual again. Furthermore, our emergency 24-hour boiler repair service is also available. Boiler repair services calls are just one phone call or text away.

We take pride in our work and go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and prompt repair to all of our clients.