Ensuring that the water pipelines coming into and going out of your Hamilton home are clear is imperative to keeping them working as they should. Pipes are responsible for removing waste from your home and bringing clean drinking water into your home. If a pipe is clogged, you have two options to remove it: snaking and hydro jetting. Here’s what you need to know about these options.

What is hydro jetting?

This option for opening up a clogged drain uses a high-pressure hose with a special nozzle on the end. The hose will push highly pressurized water through the pipe so that it will clear out the clog in the pipe. 

Why is hydro jetting beneficial?

When you have a blocked or clogged pipe, the chances of it backing up into your home are quite high, and no one wants a backed-up sewer line spilling its contents into their basement. 

Hydro jetting the easiest and quickest way to clear out serious clogs that are deep into the pipeline. This method can cut through just about anything and remove the clog quickly and without issues. 

Another benefit to this method is that it will give your pipes a really good cleaning, so any other areas that may have been building up and leading towards a clog will get cleared out with this service.  

What is snaking?

You may have seen a drain snake, as many homeowners have a version of this sitting around their homes to help unclog drains as needed. A professional plumber will have a higher quality one and can use it to unclog a pipe in your home. 

When is snaking beneficial?

Snaking is generally used for smaller clogs that haven’t made it past the trap and deep into the line. 

As many homeowners have a drain snake, they will often try this method before calling in a professional plumber to unclog the drain. Depending on the size of the clog or where the clog is, using the drain snake may not do anything to help relieve the clog, so they may need to call in a professional anyways. 

Which method is the right one to use?

When a plumber comes out to your home, they will assess the pipe that has a clog in it and determine which approach they think is the best one. 

Experienced plumbers in Hamilton will be able to quickly figure out if the clog is deep in the line or not and which approach is best. 

Sometimes, they may use a camera to go down the drain and determine the exact issue. 

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