When your drains or sewers back up, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage that you – as a homeowner will need to pay for. Fortunately, you can detect the signs of issues with your main sewer line before a bigger issue happens. As a Hamilton homeowner, you can have a professional plumber come out to your home and conduct a sewer camera inspection. Here’s what you need to know about the process before you have it done.

What does the inspection involve?

A plumber will come to your home and take a small water-proof camera mounted to a flexible cable and put it into the main sewer line of your home.

The camera snake will be pushed into the sewer line, and it will move through the pipelines of your home to see if there are any obvious blockages.

Where can these cameras be used?

These cameras are really versatile and can be used in underground pipes encased in concrete, stuck behind walls, or even ones hidden below the foundation of your home.

As long as there is access to the pipe, the sewer camera can be used to inspect the line.

When do you need a sewer camera inspection?

Do all homes need a camera inspection? If so, how often? You want to make sure your Hamilton home is completely safe for your family, yet you don’t want to have inspections on your home that don’t need to be done.

That being said, the general rule is that homes that are over 20 years old are at greater risk of having an issue with sewer backup. Additionally, if your Hamilton home was built prior to a city sewer line installation, then it could still be connected to a cesspool – and cesspools pose a big risk of sinking and collapsing, even if your pipes have been rerouted to Hamilton’s main city sewer line.

If you’re doing a major renovation on your home, it could also be a good idea to have one done while you have everything torn down. This way you don’t have to worry about a potential major backup when you’ve just done a complete renovation, and your whole house is brand new.

Signs of a sewer backup

Not sure if you might have a sewer backup or just a regular issue? There are a few signs that you can check for to see if there’s a chance you may need to call in a professional Hamilton plumber:

  • Toilets that won’t flush or plunge – no matter how hard you try
  • More than one drain in the home is clogged at a time
  • A foul smell near all the drains in the home
  • Your toilet bubbles when it’s flushed, or a sink/drain so that when it’s being emptied

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