Over the years, new technology has been introduced to improve almost every industry, and plumbing is no exception. Some of the most common plumbing problems are the result of a blockage in the pipes, either by build-up, an obstacle or even by tree roots that find their way into the sewage lateral. These blockages can cause water to drain slowly (or not at all) and even cause foul odours at your home or business.

In the past, problems like these would have been dealt with by snaking the pipes with a mechanical rooter – or in more extreme cases, by excavating the blocked sewer line. Today, however, there is another option called hydro jetting.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water jets to blast through blockages in plumbing and sewer pipes. Not only can hydro jetting removed obstacles and tree roots, but it can also scour the insides of the pipes where sludge, grease, minerals and other debris might be starting to build up. It can do this all without risking damage to the pipes like rotating blades and mechanical snakes might cause. Additionally, hydro jetting takes less time and can get you better results.

When a professional plumber hydro jets plumbing or sewer lines, he begins by using fibre-optic video technology to locate the clog and asses the condition of the pipes. If it is determined that hydro jetting is the best course of action, the jets will be threaded down into the pipe on a flexible water line. When the jets at the end of the thread are turned on, they dispense hot water at a very high pressure.

When do you need hydro jetting?

Although an extremely useful technology, hydro jetting is not appropriate for every situation. In some circumstances (such as minor clogs) the tried and true snakes and augers are going to work better.

Hydro jetting is usually the best answer when you are dealing with tough clogs or when the pipes require a more thorough cleaning. It is important that your industrial plumber first inspect your pipes however as older, more fragile pipes may not be able to handle the force.

Advantages of hydro jetting

Hydro jetting to clear plumbing and sewer pipes has a number of advantages over the traditional methods. For starters, hydro jetting actually cleans your pipes rather than simply unclogging them. Mechanical snakes work by punching a hole through the debris in order to let water flow more freely again, but the debris is still in the pipes and will eventually start to build back up. Hydro jetting on the other hand actually cleans the pipes so that the effect will be more long-lasting.

The long-lasting effect of hydro jetting, also makes this choice the more economical one since cleaning the pipes via hydro jetting can delay the need for another service call for up to four times longer than other procedures.

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