With everything that this last year has brought, many of us are trying to find any way we can to save money on our utilities and keep a little more in the bank. One of the most expensive utilities in running a house in Hamilton, for most of us, is our water bill. Luckily, it’s also one of the places where it’s easier to identify ways to get down our use and save money. Here are a few ways you can reduce your water bill. 

Only Run Full Loads for Dishwashers and Washing Machines

For appliances like your washer, dryer and dishwasher, running half loads can use up a lot of unnecessary water and end up costing you a lot of money. It also means you could be running them more often. If possible, try to hold off on running them until you have a full load to put through. To avoid the smell of used dishes, make sure to rinse them off before putting them in there to sit for a day or two. 

Check your Taps for Leaks

If you have a tap that leaks or drips – even a little bit – it can make a big difference in your overall water use. Take some time to make sure none of the taps in your house are leaking. Also, if they don’t have aerators on them, you may want to install and/or replace them. Aerators are a little appliance that goes on the tap to help moderate the flow of water coming out of the tap. 

Limit outdoor water use

While watering your garden and lawn can help keep them green, it also eats up a lot of water. Instead, if you can, collect free rainwater in a barrel and use that to water your garden and lawn. Additionally, you can opt for drought-resistant plants that will require less water to stay alive. 

The city of Hamilton, for example, has a water barrel sale every spring where you can pick up at a parking lot, or have it home delivered.

Buy a Low Flow Showerhead

Purchasing a good quality, low flow showerhead could reduce the water consumed by showers in your house by as much as half. On top of that, opt for a quick shower versus taking a bath, as filling up a tub for a bath uses up more water.

Install Modern Low-Flow Toilets

Older toilets use a lot more water per flush than the newer models do. For reference, older ones use about 26 litres per flush, and new ones will use between 13 and 18, so in some cases, almost half as much water in just one flush. You can also purchase a dual flush toilet which has two options for how much water is used in each flush: one for liquid waste and one with a little more water to remove solid waste. You will also want to check that your toilet isn’t leaking or running for an extended period of time after flushing. 

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