Most Hamilton homeowners know that sewer lines help remove wastewater from their homes, but few give much thought to it beyond that. That is until something happens, and the sewer line needs to be fixed. There are a few warning signs homeowners can look out for that indicate something wrong with the main sewer line to their Hamilton home.

Clogged toilet or drain

One of the very first signs of an issue with your main sewer line is when you have a clogged toilet or drain. For clogged drains, this could present as water backing up out of the drain or making a gurgling sound when it’s draining.

Want to test it yourself? A quick and easy test to see if there are any issues with the main sewer line is to listen to your toilet after you’ve been using your washing machine. If the toilet sounds like it’s dripping or you get some water around your floor drain in the basement, then this is a sign you need to call in a professional.

It’s also important to think about where you see the problem. Think of your home’s pipelines like tree branches. There’s the big trunk (the main sewer line), and then it will break into smaller, secondary branches. If it’s the main line that’s clogged, then any time you run water in your home there will be an issue with water backing up. However, if it’s just one toilet or one drain in one area, then the issue is likely with just one secondary line.

Slow draining sinks or tubs

Another really easy way to tell if there’s an issue with your main sewer line is to watch how sinks and tubs are draining.

To see if this is a minor issue, or maybe even just an issue with just one sink or tub, you can try to use a drain-clearing product. If they still aren’t draining after that, you may want to call in a professional to see if they can find the issue.

The important thing to remember is that when drains do not work properly, the water has to go somewhere. So keep an eye on your basement to make sure that there aren’t leaks happening or water is coming back up through the drain in the basement.

Constant toilet plunging

Have you noticed that you’re plunging the toilets in your home a lot more often than you used to? Every toilet gets clogged once in a while, but if you’re frequently plunging, it could be a sign that bigger issues are going on somewhere further down the pipeline.

The same can be true for the sinks in your home. If you have multiple drains in your home that are really slow, it could be a sign of a bigger problem – and this is when you need to call in a professional.

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Being a Hamilton homeowner comes with its own stresses, and fixing the main sewer line is the last thing most homeowners want to think about. But if you’re starting to notice signs that your sewer line may be clogged, it’s time to call in a plumbing. Call Wentworth Plumbing today if you think your sewer line may be clogged.