Plumbing is necessary to run your home, but that doesn’t mean that it must be boring or just functional. There are many ways to take it up a notch if you’re planning to renovate the kitchen or a bathroom in your home. Here are some neat and forward-thinking designs in plumbing to make your next renovation amazing.

Hands-Free Faucets

You’re probably thinking of those industrial style faucets you see in malls or other public bathrooms, but those aren’t the only hands-free option anymore. Touchless faucets are now designed for use in your home. These faucets will be equipped with a much more sensitive, motion-activated model than what you will see in public facilities, but they work just the same. This option is great if you find that your hands are frequently covered in sticky foods, or you’ve been handling raw meat and didn’t want to touch the handle to turn on the faucet.

Dual Flush Options for Toilets

Toilets with dual flush technology have been around for quite a while, but they have only recently become incredibly popular due to how much water they conserve. The way they work is that there’s two options for flushing: one for low volume and one for large volumes. When you only need to use the low volume option you’re saving a lot of water compared to toilets that always flush the same.

Surround Sound in the Shower

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s quickly becoming very popular to put surround sound systems into your shower stalls. There will be a small, LCD screen installed into the shower stall when it’s built so you can safely listen to any music you’d like early in the morning or after a workout. As a bonus, many of these screens will also provide controls for water temperature, pressure and steam so you can adjust any part of the shower you’d like all from one place.

Frameless Wet Rooms

It’s become common to have more and more minimalist designs when it comes to showers and shower surrounds but the most popular trend takes that just one step further. Instead of having a specific shower stall, the up and coming trend is to have just a designated space in your bathroom for showering. This is accomplished with different tiling patterns or designs on the floor to indicate the shower area, and the floor will be on a slope to allow for proper drainage. This frameless option allows for a more open flow to your bathroom, and you can easily incorporate a surround sound into the room.

Variable Water Pressure for Showers

Shower heads have been flexible for a while with removable heads, but they’ve become even more flexible and now allow the user to select the desired water pressure. The options range from an intense blast of water to a softer, almost rainfall experience all with the turn of the handle. So, if you have one preference and the rest of your house prefers something different, you can have it all with just one showerhead. You can also incorporate shower heads that conserve water by upgrading to a low-flow shower head with variable pressures available.

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