If you are dealing with plumbing issues in Hamilton, you probably need to call a plumber, but not all plumbers are the same. Depending on the type of building and complexity, you will need either a domestic or commercial plumber, so it’s important to understand the difference. Here is what you need to know about domestic plumbers vs. commercial plumbers.

Scope of the work

The main difference between domestic and commercial plumbing is the scope of work. Compared to commercial plumbing systems, the plumbing in residential homes tends to be much simpler. Commercial facilities will have many different rooms and components to their plumbing systems that residential homes do not require.

Commercial plumbers are frequently involved in the planning and execution for new buildings and will work closely with other trade contractors and architects to ensure that each component of the building’s plumbing is accommodated for and works as it should.

For example, plumbing for a dental clinic must meet strict criteria to meet safety standards and comply with government and industry regulations. Commercial plumbers who work with the dental industry have very specialized knowledge and training.

Commercial plumbers involved in designing a plumbing system for a hospital, restaurant, apartment building, or office building are likely dealing with multiple floors, each with multiple bathrooms and kitchens. Planning such a system is complex.

With the scope of the work being much larger, it is important to hire an experienced licensed commercial plumber for work on these types of buildings.

A different approach to plumbing

As you can imagine, when plumbing work has to be done in a Hamilton factory or commercial office building, it can be quite disruptive to operations. Imagine a building with hundreds of people where the washrooms on one or more floors cannot be used for several hours – or the disruption to a factory that requires water but doesn’t have any.

Commercial plumbers must therefore work in a manner that minimizes disruptions as much as possible – often scheduling repairs and maintenance during off-peak hours.

Scheduling domestic plumbing work is a lot easier as all that needs to be done is to find a time that works for both the homeowner and the plumber.

Repairs and maintenance

When domestic plumbers do their work, they usually communicate with the homeowner.

Commercial plumbers, on the other hand, will typically communicate with property managers or building administrators but not the residents, employees, or customers who use the building.

Additionally, there may be insurance policies on the building, which may change how commercial plumbers need to communicate about how they are carrying out their work.

Commercial plumbing is more specialized than residential plumbing

While there are some similarities between domestic and commercial plumbing in Hamilton, commercial plumbing has some unique challenges, particularly when dealing with high-rise buildings. These challenges include controlling the water pressure, proper drainage systems, slab leaks, and flushing the water lines.

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