You may not have paid much attention to it, but that whistling noise your toilet makes after flushing could be a cause to worry that something bigger is going on. The fact that you’re hearing a whistling means that there’s a need for a repair. Here’s what you need to know about the whistling toilet in your Hamilton home and how to fix it. 

Why is my toilet whistling?

When your toilet whistles, the cause behind it is the toilet fill valve. This valve floats and rises or falls as the water level does after every flush. When the float is low, the tank refills with the open valve. Once the water has reached the desired level, the valve will close, so it doesn’t allow any more water in. 

As the valve ages and is used regularly, pieces of the valve can deteriorate. The deterioration is what’s causing the whistling sound. Additionally, if your toilet has a ballcock, then a faulty gasket could also be the source of the problem. If you aren’t sure how bad or serious of an issue this is, the louder the whistling gets, the closer it is to failing. 

If the valve or gasket completely fails, you could be dealing with an overflowing toilet. 

How can a whistling toilet be fixed?

The good news is that most modern toilets have valves made of plastic, so replacing the valve is very affordable. You can replace the gasket inside the valve, but it will be easier to replace the whole valve in most cases. 

Do you need to hire a plumber?

Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to fix, and many Hamilton homeowners can repair it themselves. Changing the valve is very straightforward, too. You can easily unscrew the old valve in the tank and screw in the new one. 

If you do have questions or changing the valve doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to contact a plumber. There could be something else going on with your toilet that may be causing other issues. 

Don’t put off repairing a whistling toilet.

It might seem like it’s not that big of a deal that your toilet whistles a little bit when you flush it – or maybe the whistle isn’t that loud, so it’s easy to ignore. 

It’s really important that you don’t ignore the whistling, and you look at it as soon as you notice it. The whistling could go on for a long time, or the valve could completely fail very quickly. If you wait until the valve fails, and it does, your bathroom and potentially your entire Hamilton home could flood. 

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