By choosing to build your own custom home, you’re finally getting exactly what you want. Along with that custom layout, you should be getting a custom plumbing solution, too. Here’s what you should know about hiring a plumber to provide custom plumbing for your dream home.

Custom Plumbing Is Flexible

You’re paying a lot for your custom home, why would you want to settle for anything but the best when it comes to its plumbing?

Many plumbers aren’t very flexible when it comes to plumbing requests that extend beyond the scope of the existing blueprints. Instead, they may be more experienced with cookie-cutter homes that entail the same plumbing work that can be repeated in numerous homes.

A plumber that’s experienced with custom homes easily recognizes that a custom home environment is completely different than a non-custom home. Custom homes can include features such as special rough-ins, high-end plumbing fixtures and radiant heat boiler systems – all of which require more time and skill to plumb properly.

Custom Plumbing Provides Exceptional Solutions

Many times, a plumber who is experienced with custom homes will offer top-notch suggestions before you can even mention them!

Sometimes, city sewers aren’t deep enough to accommodate the location for a custom home. A plumber experienced in such situations will know what to do, including adding a sewage ejector pit in the basement to connect the basement to the city sewer.

Other requests can be more easily accommodated, too. Have your plumber complete the proper plumbing for a water softener (even if you don’t currently have one, this would make for easier installation in the future) and have a main water shut-off valve installed into the living space rather than a more inaccessible area.

For a tidy, efficient workspace, get your home’s water heater, water softener, furnace, sump pit, sewage ejector pit, main water shut-off valve and sewer connection installed in the same corner.

Residential Custom Plumbing Is High-quality

Your custom home requires far more attention than a production home – and that type of attention comes from specialty plumbers experienced with custom home plumbing.

Typically, the installation and fixtures provided by a custom home plumber go above and beyond what a production builder could offer. Plumbers familiar with custom home plumbing solutions will have supplier connections to the best types of water fixtures and strong warranties that complement their high-quality products.

They understand the importance of installing cost-effective, efficient, superior products that complement the rest of your custom home – and installing them on-time, too. There are many different trades that need to complete work while building a custom home, so it’s important that a plumber isn’t causing any delays.

Finding a Plumber for Your Custom Home

Your custom home’s plumbing system deserves to be the same quality as the rest of your home. Let us show you how we can make that happen! Contact our office today to learn more about the plumbing services we provide in custom homes.