As you can imagine, apartment buildings have much more intricate plumbing systems then a single detached home or even a town home. With these complexities come more room for error and potential problems – so it is important that both apartment building managers and tenants are aware common issues and how to avoid them. It is essential that tenants remember an issue with their plumbing can become an issue for many other tenants quickly, so it is important to recognize and resolve any evidence of trouble quickly.

Clogged Drains

Whether it is your toilet tub or a sink around your apartment, a clog is a minor issue that can result in major damage if not taken care of quickly. Try to unclog your drain with a plungers or piping cleaners. If you can’t resolve the issue right away, reach for external help immediately. A clog can cause multiple sinks along the line to back up, in your own apartment or throughout many. If the backup is too large, the lower unit could even flood, causing various degrees of damage to someone’s living space, so it is important to address this immediately.

Dirty Faucet Water

Water can become contaminated for various reasons when living in an apartment building. This is particularly common in older buildings and urban communities. One reason this may occur is pipe corrosion in old water and sewage lines that have begun to break down after decades of wear and tear. If you live in an older building, be sure to check the quality of your water regularly to make sure this is not a problem. Other times, dirty water may not be a result of a plumbing problem but the source of your water. This can be unhealthy and sometimes dangerous, so if your water seems suspect to you in any way, let someone know immediately. Pay close attention to colour, opacity and scent.

Water Line Breaks

Apartment dwellers can have problems when a main water or sewer line breaks. These malfunctions often cause leaks hidden out of sight, so it is difficult to notice them if a serious problem occurs, such as a sewage backup in an apartment unit. If your water pressure is suddenly much different than usual or coming out in spurts, this can signify a line break somewhere in the apartment building.

Preventative Methods

In an apartment building, it is especially important that tenants are proactive about these types of issues. Drain screens are a great tool to be utilized by all tenants. This will prevent people from accidentally putting something down the drain that can cause damage immediately or down the road. Regular inspections and maintenance checks are also a great way to catch a problem before it happens, so ask your landlord what the typical protocol is for plumbing maintenance.

Apartments have a much more difficult plumbing systems, so it’s better to call a professional commercial plumber who knows what they’re doing and can get the job done right the first time at a modest price.

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