Rough-in plumbing is an essential first stage that occurs during new construction or renovations in Hamilton in which new plumbing is being added. 

There are two stages to plumbing installation: “rough-in plumbing” and “finish plumbing.” During the rough-in plumbing phase, vents, sewage systems, water supply lines, and connections are installed. During the finish plumbing stage, fixtures are installed, and installations and connections for the building are completed.

Before your plumber can begin the finish plumbing on your new home or renovation, it is essential to complete all of the necessary rough-in plumbing. A building inspector will ensure that all the rough-in plumbing meets building codes before any finish plumbing can commence.

What happens during the rough-in plumbing stage?

Several jobs will need to be done during this first important stage of plumbing installation, including:

  • Excavation to lay underground pipes that run from the home or building to the main utility connections
  • Routing pipes through walls and floors
  • Running vent stacks through the roofing system
  • Linking water system and drain lines to main water supply valves, sewer systems, or septic tanks
  • Connecting pipelines.
  • Your plumber cannot install any fixtures or end aspects during the rough-in plumbing phase, as the absence of these is necessary for the inspector to assess the rough-in plumbing.

What are the main factors to be considered during rough-in plumbing?

Several considerations must be made during rough-in plumbing, including:

  • Understanding how gravity will work to allow wastewater to travel through the drain line pipes. These pipes need to be properly angled – if the angle is not steep enough, the water will not drain well; however, pipes angled at too steep an angle can also cause problems.
  • The wastewater system needs to be properly vented to ensure that waste is removed from the house securely and efficiently.

Once the rough-in plumbing passes inspection, the remaining fixtures and connections may be installed.

What happens during the finish plumbing stage?

The following are a few things that take place during the finish plumbing stage:

  • Caps are removed from the water supply and drainpipes
  • Plumbing fixtures are installed and completed
  • Any under-sink drains are installed
  • New connections are caulked, sealed, and tested
  • Water system lines and valves are set up

Installing new plumbing can be a huge undertaking and requires the collaboration of multiple professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly and complies with building codes. At Wentworth Plumbing, we have years of experience and expertise doing rough-in plumbing for new construction and renovations.

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