Even though you have a large industrial facility, your liquid pressure doesn’t need to suffer! Booster pumps provide the answer for many industries looking for a reliable, effective way to increase the pressure and transferability of fluids.

Suitable for New Construction and Retrofits

Liquid boosters are especially useful for new construction or retrofit projects, where they are relied upon to provide necessary water pressure to the upper floors. If a backflow prevention device is installed, they can also help meet new water pressure needs (and are often even required).

Constructed to Meet a Facility’s Operating Pressures

There is a wide range of materials and configurations available in booster pumps to meet your specific facility’s needs. Depending on whether they are used with liquids or gases, construction details will differ.

A water booster pump operates in a similar manner as a fan. However, instead of using blades to increase air movement, booster pumps use blades to increase water pressure. When it’s operating, the fan blade inside the booster pump moves the water at a quicker speed and higher pressure. Depending on where it’s used, a booster pump can either provide a high quantity of water using a high flow rate and low pressure or a slower flow rate but at a higher pressure.

They can be operated by an electric motor, hydraulics, low- or high-pressure air or manually using a lever system. Booster pumps also have impellers (which move the water), an inlet and an outlet.

Many booster pumps are designed using stainless steel construction and are available in a range of horsepower sizes.

Gas boosters are similar to gas compressors, with one stage of compression. Primarily used to increase gas pressure already above ambient pressure, these boosters can also be used to transfer high-pressure gases, charge gas cylinders and scavenging.

Determining the Proper Booster Pump for Your Industrial Facility

Before making an investment in a booster pump, spend some time determining your facility’s needs.

What is the main goal of installing a booster pump? What type of distance will the water be moving? Where will the water be drawn from? What type of pressure is needed when the water is delivered to where it’s required?

Knowing the answers to these questions will assist you in choosing the best booster pump for your facility’s needs.

Choose Wentworth Plumbing to Install a Booster Pump at Your Facility

With so many options of booster pumps available, it’s always best to contact a plumbing professional. At Wentworth Plumbing, we have years of experience installing booster pumps at industries similar to yours and know which ones to recommend!

Let us show you the many options available with booster pumps. In no time at all, water and other liquids can be travelling through your facility more efficiently and reliably.

Contact us today for more information about the booster pumps we can install at your facility.