All buildings need plumbing maintenance; however, commercial plumbing is often not taken care of in the same way as residential plumbing. Over time the plumbing in commercial buildings can take a lot more wear and tear, so they need to be maintained and serviced. Here are a few of the more common plumbing issues you may find in a commercial building in Hamilton. 

Leaky faucets

When faucets are over 10 years old, they could start to leak. This is due to seals that just wear out over time. Not only could this end up costing a lot of money in water charges, but it can also cause damage to structures surrounding the faucet, which means the owner of the commercial building may have to repair or replace these structures.

Faucets that are rarely opened and closed, like the ones attached to your washing machine are often faucets that need repair as very few homeowners never touch these faucets until they replace their washing machine.  Thus, the leak is not detected until the stainless steel or rubber hoses are disconnected from the washing machine.

Unknown leaks

The space in a Hamilton commercial building is much bigger than in a home, so it’s easier to miss leaks behind the walls. Usually, a silent leak becomes known only when the monthly water bill shows much higher usage than expected. 

If this happens, a professional commercial plumber can perform an inspection to locate the leak and recommend a method of repair. Without a plumber, it may take a long time to discover where the leak is, leading to more water wasted and further water damage around the affected area. 

Clogged toilets and drains

Commercial buildings often have many more people coming and going than a private home would. For this reason, they are often much more susceptible to clogged toilets and drains. 

It’s important not to let a clogged toilet go too long without calling in someone to repair it. It’s essential to also keep a plunger handy just in case you need to unclog a toilet on your own. 

If you have a clogged drain or toilet that you can’t rectify yourself, call in a professional to come and take a look. Commercial plumbers will have the tools and experience needed to fix the clog. 

Make sure to protect your investment

Commercial buildings can easily lose value if their maintenance is not kept up. If the building does not appeal to people, renting out commercial space is more difficult.

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