A $125 million approved settlement is available to provide compensation for homeowners that have Kitec plumbing in their homes – yet the majority of eligible Canadians have not filed a claim.

Although the money was approved by American and Canadian courts on January 10, 2012, less than $3 million has been paid out during the past seven years. The claim filing deadline is January 9, 2020.

Is this the first you’ve heard about a Kitec class-action settlement? If so, we’ve got all the details for you below.

Kitec Fixtures and Pipes

Sold between 1995 – 2007, the KITEC brand of plastic piping was commonly used in hot and cold water plumbing fixtures across North America. Portable water, in-floor and hot-water baseboard heating systems utilized the flexible aluminum piping system between PEX pipe with brass fittings.

After numerous lawsuits citing KITEC piping for causing leaks and flooding, the brand is no longer manufactured. It’s recommended that homes using KITEC plumbing are retrofitted with type “L” copper piping or Uponor Aqua Pex Pipes instead.

Of the $125 million settlement, $100 million was designated to pay for the repair of buildings, residences, homes or other structures that were damaged by KITEC plumbing fixtures and pipes. The remaining $25 million was designated for legal fees, notices and other administration.

How to Apply for a Settlement

With the claim filing deadline of January 9, 2020 fast approaching, there’s no time to waste with filing a claim. Do so by properly completing this claim form. Documentation will need to be provided showing proof of installation, repairs or replacement of your KITEC pipe or fittings.

Whether you’ve experienced leaks or not, it’s recommended that you still file a claim form. You could be eligible for compensation if there are sufficient funds remaining at the end of the claims filing period.

If a leak doesn’t happen until after you’ve filed your claim form, complete a second claim form with updated information regarding the leak and any related plumbing replacement expenses.

Currently, homeowners who have experienced leaks are being compensated for approximately 50 percent of the amount submitted. However, once the claim period ends, the courts may award additional compensation to claimants. Supplemental payment may include full replacement or repair costs of a new plumbing system.

Companies that made Kitec and their insurers will receive any remaining money not paid to claimants.

Kitec PlumbingHow to Know if Your Home Has Kitec Plumbing

Approximately 292,000 North Americans have the malfunctioning product in their homes. Commonly identified by its bright orange (hot water) and bright blue (cold water) coverings, Kitec piping is also labelled with “ASTM 1281.” Here are some further pictures of Kitec Systems and components.

It’s also known as other brand names such as PlumbBetter, IPEX AQUA and WarmRite.

Unsure if you have Kitec fixtures and pipes in your home? Need to replace your KITEC pipe and fittings? We can help. Contact Wentworth Plumbing today to see if you are eligible to apply for compensation in this class-action settlement.