When flooding and other water-related emergencies strike your home, you’ll be glad you read up and stocked up on all the plumbing emergency supplies Wentworth plumbing is recommending every home should have.

A Good Plunger

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to use one, you know that all plungers are not created equal. In fact, much frustration can occur when you find yourself actually using the wrong kind of plunger for the job. Plungers can be bought at the dollar store but it probably won’t be of much use unless the clog is minor. Typically the bigger the investment, the better the plunger. If you want to be able to get the clog out, whether it be a sink or a toilet, you will want to spend on this investment. You won’t regret it.


Toilet Snake

No, not the kind that comes up through your toilet but the kind that can go down. When nothing else works, a snake will likely do the trick. This is the not the kind of item you want to borrow from the neighbours. When used correctly, a snake can save the day when nothing else will. Be sure to take care when using a snake as it can be damaging to porcelain.


A Map of Water Shut Offs

We all know where our electrical box is in the house and if you’ve done your due diligence, you know what each breaker or fuse does in the house. Knowing where all your water shutoffs are in the house is equally important. When the toilet is overflowing, you will not have the clearest head. There will be no time to search for a water shut off. Create a map that not only identifies the electrical breakers in your home but where in your home the water shut offs are and how to turn them on and off. There will be a main water shut off and if you have a basement, this is where this will be located. Be sure to record where it is and ensure the valve is easily identifiable. Knowing how to turn the water off under all sinks and toilets will no doubt come in handy. Don’t forget about the hot water heater and the washing machine.


Contact Information For The Professionals

Knowing who to call when your plumbing emergency goes beyond your plumbing skills, is essential. Do your research early. When you are experiencing a plumbing emergency is not the time to be searching the yellow pages for a local plumber. Get references and recommendations and have the contact info readily available for any potential plumber you may need in the future. Take the time to check hourly rates and experience. These are not questions you will have the time or energy for when your basement is flooding from a burst pipe. If your home is near Hamilton or Sauble Beach area, Wentworth plumbing has won The Spectator’s Readers’ Choice Award for best plumbing company in 2016. You can give us a call at 905-389-5555 or email us directly at info@wentworthplumbing.ca.


There is a peace of mind that comes from being a responsible home owner and when you take the time and energy to prepare for the worst, a plumbing emergency doesn’t have to be a destructive event. Having the tools needed on hand will ensure your plumbing emergency is no match for your preparedness.