Many Hamilton homeowners would say that a flooded basement or sewage backing up into their home is their worst nightmare. If this happens, it can damage the home and cause health concerns for the homeowners. With a sewage ejector pump, homeowners can protect themselves from this happening. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is a sewage ejector pump?

A sewage ejector pump is a piece of equipment that removes wastewater and sewage from areas in your home that are below grade – like a basement. 

Why are they important?

If we think for a moment, for the parts of your home that are above grade (i.e., above the ground), gravity is used to have waste exit your home via the pipes – gravity does all the work. 

When it comes to basements – and everything below grade – homeowners don’t have gravity to work with, so if there’s a backup or flood, then sewage is likely to come into your basement because it won’t be carried away in the same way. 

How does a sewage ejector pump work?

The sewage ejector pump will force the wastewater and sewage up and into the municipal sewer line or your septic tank if you have one. 

What if you don’t have a sewage ejector pump?

While you are not legally required to have a sewage ejector pump, they can come in very handy and save you from spending thousands of dollars to repair damage from sewer backups. 

If you don’t have one of these in your home, you are running a larger risk of having sewage back up into your basement should you have a flood. Further, if your neighbourhood has a bigger sewer backup in the area, then you may experience your neighbour’s wastewater and sewage coming into your home.

Where is the sewage ejector pump put in your home?

This piece of equipment is usually installed in the same area where a sump pump would be put, so if you already have one in your home, you know where you can expect it. 

A basin will be dug, and the pump will be put into it. The basin will, over time, collect all the wastewater from appliances in the house. When it gets full, the pump will kick on and force the sewage up and out of the house. 

Does my house need one?

If you are unsure about your house needing a sewage ejector pump, call the professionals from Wentworth Plumbing to look at your home and determine if this is the right option for you. 

If your Hamilton home is older and in an area where the sewage lines are older, you may want to consider putting one in. Sometimes older lines are at a bigger risk of backups. You may even be able to save on insurance if you have one as it is less in damages they will have to pay out if something should happen.