It’s funny how sometimes we get something in our heads and insist that it’s true. These things are called myths, and there are plenty of them when it comes to your home’s plumbing systems. While some of the myths seem harmless, others can actually cause expensive problems with your home’s plumbing. Here are a few of the myths we have discovered, and the truths about them.

Myth: Running hot water down the drain and/or running the garbage disposal will easily flush all waste down the drain.
Fact: Running hot water through your drain and pipes isn’t a good idea at all. In fact, it has the potential to liquify any fat and grease that might be in the garbage disposal and wash it into your home’s pipes. Once it cools, it will harden and cause blocked pipes. This can be an expensive repair. To avoid this issue, use cold water instead. Keep in mind, however, that running water through your garbage disposal will not necessarily flush everything. There are many things which you should not be putting into the disposal at all, such as cooked rice, banana peels, eggshells, and pasta. These items can cause clogs which cause damage to your pipes.

Myth: Always tighten faucets as much as possible to avoid drips and leaks.
Fact: In fact, the opposite is true. Tightening the faucet handles too much will wear out the handles and washers (if there are any). As they wear, they will start to leak, and taps will drip.

Myth: Everything is draining well in the sinks, tubs, and toilets. That means there are no problems.
Fact: The truth is that problems with the plumbing in your home can occur over time due to lack of maintenance and proper use. While a sudden blockage might appear to be just that, in fact, it is the result of something that has built up over time. It’s important to maintain the drains in your home by regularly using an anti-blockage product. In addition, using a drain filter will help to prevent debris from being washed into the drains and end up in the pipes.

Myth: You can flush anything.
Fact: This myth can lead to some big disasters. Items such as paper towels, makeup, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products and kitchen waste should all be disposed of using your green bin. Keep your toilet free of clogs by using a simple rule; only put in waste and paper that readily dissolves in water. Regular cleaning of your toilet will also help to keep it working properly.

Myth: My home’s plumbing systems don’t need regular maintenance.
Fact: In fact, maintaining your home’s plumbing system is like getting a regular oil change for your car. It’s necessary to ensure the plumbing system runs smoothly. Schedule a regular maintenance appointment with your plumber to avoid major problems and big expenses down the road. Regular maintenance can also trouble shoot small problems before they become big headaches.

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