A lot of money and hard work has gone into owning the home that you do. So, to keep it in the best condition possible, regular maintenance> and repair work is necessary. When it’s work relating to your home’s drainage system, you need someone that you can trust! However, Hamilton’s plumbing professionals vary widely in cost, quality and professionalism.

How do you know what to look for in a great plumber? Who can be relied upon to keep your home’s plumbing system in working order? Follow our five tips below to finding a great plumber in Hamilton, Ontario.

1. Check their Qualifications

It can be easy to let price be the biggest deciding factor in choosing a plumber, but don’t let it be –qualifications should be more important. Qualified plumbers are licensed, having done several years of apprentice work under a master plumber in addition to passing industry-defined exams. They have met stringent standards and are a member of a local trade organization. A company like Wentworth Plumbing only employs red seal, Ontario College of Trades plumbers.

2. Check their Insurance

When employing a plumber to complete work on your Hamilton property, it’s important that the professional is fully insured. In case of accident or injury, insurance will protect both the plumber and you as the homeowner. Wentworth Plumbing is committed to safety and is WSIB compliant.

3. Check their Reputation

A business’ reputation can either help or prevent the business from succeeding. With today’s technology at our fingertips, it is not difficult at all to quickly research a plumbing company’s reputation!

Check out online reviews using sites like Yelp or Google that rate the quality of service from businesses. Be sure to consult with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the Hamilton plumber that you’re considering is a member in good standing. Not only does Wentworth Plumbing rank highly on Google reviews, but we are also an accredited business with the BBB. Plus, we’ve been in business for over ten years!

4. Check out their Equipment

Many plumbing issues now require advanced equipment to make repairs. To have the job run smoothly, this equipment needs to be available in the plumber’s vehicle rather than back at the shop. Doing so ensures that your plumbing project is completed efficiently and effectively.

5. Check their Terms of Work

A plumber’s contractual terms, which include terms of payment, a project completion timeline, quality conformity and operating policy, can vary widely. Even the best plumbers can install parts that fail over time, so inquire about the type of warranty that is included. Be sure to thoroughly read all the paperwork and ask any questions before signing the contract. Who you choose to complete your plumbing project can make a big difference in the quality and professionalism that you receive.

By following our tips, you will have an easier time finding a quality Hamilton plumber that you can trust!