Reduce the Impact Your Restaurant has on the Environment

The success of your kitchen depends in part on properly flowing sanitary sewer lines. Grease traps are a restaurant owner’s first defense when it comes to stopping fats, oils, and grease from entering the waste water management system. Preventing these harmful wastes from entering the sewers not only reduces the threat to public health and safety, but it’s also better for your business’ bottom line. Properly maintained grease traps ensure your kitchen continues to run smoothly by avoiding any sewer backups or service interruptions. Ensure you have a proper grease trap to ensure your kitchen’s sanitary sewer lines do not become clogged or backed up!

Choosing the Right Grease Trap for Your Business

Grease traps can be made of various materials including hard plastic, fiberglass, or concrete. Because they are made in various sizes, it’s important to choose the correct one for your kitchen’s needs. The licensed plumbers at Wentworth Plumbing can help you choose the right grease trap depending on the amount of grease produced in your kitchen. Since they are experts in grease trap installation, you can trust that their grease trap installations will be done properly.

Properly Maintaining Your Grease Trap

To ensure your grease trap is working properly, be sure to keep it well maintained. On a regular basis, it must be cleaned to prevent odours, pump-outs, and spill-overs from entering the sanitary sewer. When cleaning your grease trap, it’s vital to never use chemical solvents, hot water, caustic, or emulsifying solutions. During the cleaning process, the trap’s cover is removed and any grease or oil that has accumulated is properly disposed of. In addition, any hardened grease or residue should be scraped away so that unpleasant odours are completely prevented.

Properly Disposing the Grease Trap’s Contents

Cleaning out a grease trap is not a very pleasant job; however, it is completely necessary to ensure it remains in working condition. Since the waste that is collected in these traps is not regular waste, it needs to be disposed of properly. This is because its natural decomposition takes an extremely long time and could release harmful bacteria into the environment. To properly dispose your grease traps’ contents, use a waste oil or grease bin for recycling.

Contact Wentworth Plumbing for Commercial Grease Trap Services

Hiring Wentworth Plumbing to complete your restaurant’s grease trap services ensures the job is done right, thereby protecting both your restaurant’s business and the environment. Our Restaurant Plumbers have over a decade of experience completing grease trap services, including installation, maintenance, and disposal of grease trap content. E-mail or Call us today at 905-389-5555 to learn more about our grease trap services!