Even though our homes are well heated during the brutal Canadian winters, tile and hardwood floors can still make a home feel chilly. When floors are replaced in a home, most Hamilton homeowners have the opportunity to put in-floor heating so that they don’t have to walk on the cold floors in the winter. If you’re considering putting in-floor heating in your new floors – before you install the floors, of course – here’s what you need to know about them. 

Energy Efficient Heating

Heating our homes can be expensive – especially if we have old appliances – so if there’s a way to heat your home more efficiently, this makes in-floor heating very attractive. You can purchase radiant heating that either uses water or electricity to heat the floors. At Wentworth Plumbing, we install Hydronic Heating Systems that use water.

To give an idea of efficiency, radiators need to be heated 65-75 degrees Celsius to heat a room effectively. In-floor heating, though, may only need to run at around 29 degrees Celsius to warm the same size room, depending on the floor type. It’s an efficient way to heat a space and if used properly, you will see a significant saving on your energy bills. 

Eliminate Cold Spots in Your Home

Ever notice how some spots in your home are colder than others? With in-floor heating, the technology disperses the system evenly under the floor so that you won’t experience those cold spots anymore in your home.   

In-Floor Heating is Easy to Operate

Once the in-floor heating is installed in your house, it’s straightforward to run and maintain. There’s almost no regular maintenance required for this kind of heating. The controls for this will be placed on the wall, similar to a light switch, so you can adjust it to match your family’s preferences at any time.

In-Floor Heating Works with Any Flooring

Radiant in-floor heating works with any kind of floor you may want to install in your home. Traditionally, it may have only been thought of to put into bathrooms or kitchens, under ceramic tile. Still, many homeowners in Hamilton put this upgrade under hardwood or even vinyl plank flooring. You won’t be limited in terms of design style if you want to have in-floor heating, so you can design your home with the finishes you want to have. 

In-Floor Heating For Your Home

While you could install in-floor heating yourself, it’s often best for an expert to install. Professional in-floor heating installation companies will have experience with the best materials to use with your floor and minimize any damage done to your walls and floors. Furthermore, a professional installer will have the experience to ensure you won’t run the risk of fire or mould outbreaks that could potentially occur due to a faulty installation. 

Having radiant in-floor heating in your Hamilton home isn’t just for newly built mansions or custom new homes. In-Floor Heating is an upgrade every homeowner can add.   

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